Satan Is Seeking - Don't Let Him Be Found In You

Written By Tracie Brim

Satan is looking to devour. He's not just looking for individuals that are of the world. He's looking to "find himself"... anything that resembles, smells like, acts like, reacts like, lies like, fornicates like, looks like, talks like, is lukewarm like, is asleep like, hates like, envies like, is jealous like, is prideful like, is stubborn like, is defiant like, refuses to forgive like, double-sided like, manipulates like HIM!

Because where the devil finds HIS LIKENESS, HE HAS THE LEGAL RIGHT TO OCCUPY! That is why he could Never Occupy any space or part in Jesus,  because he could not find himself in Jesus! Jesus said it Himself... And that is why God has been "knit-picking" if ya would about Even the most minutest, flaw, grey area, detail within US... Pleading with Us to Rid Ourselves of it, Kill it, Let It Go, Hate it, Stop excusing and denying it! Stop it, Quit Blaming Others For It, Deal with it, Acknowledge it, Repent of it!!!

He has Time and Time again pleaded with us to dig deeper than our surFACE, beyond the accolades and applause, past our gifts and talents. Go Into the Deep, instead of Trying To Act Deep. Move past the outward and into the inward parts where God Alone sees and desires to find Truth. HE has Time and Time again compelled us to Do Right By One Anorher. Stop pretending to forgive and  love, and really forgive and love! Because Satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! You want to know who / what the Meal For Satan Is?

You want to know who / what Satan loves to eat? Satan's food is not "devils food cake"... Satan Loves Dirt! He loves Dirty Things, Dirty Places, Dirty People! God made his meal "the dust of the earth" when God said in Genesis 3... The Lord God said unto the serpent,  .. thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field, upon thy belly shalt thou go, AND DUST SHALT THOU EAT ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE! 


Satan, the Devil, that Serpent Loves Dirt... his Meat is dirt / dust! (Isa. 65: 25) 


That's what Satan looks for in us, The Dirt... our Dirty places! When he finds it, he sees HIMSELF!


That's why God keeps telling us to let Him Wash not just Our hands and our faces, but our HEARTS (Minds) where seeds of iniquity, carnality, sin, uncleanness are often and easily planted! Daily our prayer should SINCERELY be, Create in me a Clean Heart AND renew a Right Spirit Within Me! Wash Me Throughly! Purge Me!








April 7, 2016...Please scroll down to view God's Trumpet. Thank you.

By Tracie Brim

 The Retarded Church

January 13, 2016... As I prayed this morning, I was reminded of a dream God gave me some 20 years ago. I was reminded of several things I feel I must share.

By the Spirit, I heard a continual crying out of "Who shall deliver ME From This BODY?"... "Who Shall Deliver ME From This BODY?... WHO SHALL DELIVER "ME" FROM THIS BODY?"...

Yesterday as I stepped outside to take my son to school, I slipped and fell down the side stairs of my house. I didn't realize it immediately but soon after the fall I realized my right hand was hurt. I must have tried to stop myself from falling by my 'right hand'. In doing so, the majority of the weight of my fall shifted upon it. This resulted in what I am now sure is a sprained right hand. I Planned to go to the Doctor Yesterday but because of preoccupation and the busyness of the day, I did not. Truth be told, I was all right with not going to the doctor because I remember thinking at some time during the day...a thought that caused me to try to reword it. This thought began to speak to my spirit before the words were spoken from my mouth. I did not Speak the thought because my spirit Heard the magnitude of whaat I would have said. I was about to say, "I HATE going to the DOCTOR!"

This morning as I prayed, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "Your falling down and the hurting of your Right Hand is a Prophetic Message that occured first in the natural. Many in the BODY have fallen and have not gotten UP. Therefore, they are ministering from their Fallen State of Being. They are ministering out of the nature of the first Adam. The first Adam represents man in his sin nature and fallen state of being. Many are active in sin AND in ministry. Many are ministering to sin SICK people from their Fallen State/Nature. So both they and those they minister to are Sick. Just like the thought you were fearful to speak, THEY REFUSE TO COME TO THE DOCTOR...THE CHIEF PHYSICIAN... BECAUSE THEY HATE GOING TO THE 'DOCTOR'. They choose rather to Live in their Fallen State of of Being and Pain. They choose to minister from their unhealed state of being, from their old nature rather than to Go to the Doctor and Receive that which can bring forth their Healing!

This is a powerful word from the Lord. There will be more to come.

Entry February 18, 2016

They Know Where the Doctor is and they Know they can partake of His Expertise...but they Hate Going to the Doctor! The reason many of us Hate going to the doctor is because the doctor may tell us something we don't want to know or hear about Ourselves. The doctor may identify Something that is Going On Within our BODY that we really don't want to know. So we choose rather to Live With It and hope that what I don't know won't hurt me!

It is no coincidence that I hurt my  right hand. The right hand signifies "strength". The hand represents 5-fold ministry (Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle, Teacher and Prophet). God says, "The right hand, 5-fold ministry, is hurt. It has been Functioning but it has been by Mal-function." When the hand is sprained it can still Function but you tend to not put as much pressure on it or you limit the amount of weight  for it to hold because of the PAIN! I have done like many do: I have done my own Home Remedy (although I did ask a licensed practioner). And God said, "That is what many in the BODY have done. They continue to Function but it is from a state of Mal-function. Many are ministering from Unhealed Places of Pain all because they HATE to go to the Doctor." They don't want to hear His Diagnosis of what is going on in their BODY. Further more, they don't like to follow the Doctor's orders or take what He Prescribes to activate their Healing! Therefore, the Hurt of the daughters of My people has not been Healed. See Jeremiah 6:14 and 8:11.

Visit again soon for more of this message to the Body of Christ.

February 20, 2016

We need to pray not just "Lord, Heal our Land but Lord, Heal our Hand! Heal the 5-fold ministry that is supposed to be fully functional and spiritually healthy in the BODY and in the Church. " Who will deliver us from This BODY? Who will deliver us from This BODY of Sinful flesh? NoBODY but Jesus! He is the Chief Physician! We can no longer continue in the Unhealed condition that we are in. We can no longer be afraid or Hate to go to the Doctor. We can no longer be satisfied with Ministering from  and out of Pain. People who minister from out of their Painful places are dangerous and toxic to the Body. They are Easily Offended because the place of Pain is always Sensitive. Just the slightest pressure, the slighest touch, the slightest agitation or the slightest reminder inflames the Pain! We can no longer embrace the mentality that "What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me!" That thought process is birthed and perpetuated by demonic spirits of Lies and Deception. The Bible says My people perish for a or because of a lack of KNOWledge. We must adopt a "Need To Know"  Mentality, Need To Know What the Doctor Says! His prescription is the Bible, the written Word of God. We need to be all up in it like so many have no problem being all up in everyone else's business! Need to be all up in it like many want to be all up in 'the know'!

Entry of March 8, 2016

Dream of "The Church of Retardation" given to me some 20 years ago...

I was at home relaxing when some people rammed through my front door. They grabbed me and made me go with them. They were dressed like some were in the Army and the rest were dressed like they were a part of a SWAT team. It was the dark of night as they took me to a huge hospital. I was afraid and had no idea where or why they had taken me. They only said, "You have to come and come quickly. We need your help!" When we got to the hospital my clothes changed and I was dressed half Army and half SWAT. They told me I needed to come quickly and we needed to be quiet so as not to get caught because they were taking me to a Restricted area of the hospital. When I entered the room, they stayed back at the door while motioning for me to Go Forward and stand beside the bed that was there before me.

As I looked around I saw a lot of people standing beside the bed that I was to stand beside. Some were doctors and some were people that I knew from the church I was attending at that time. As I approached the bed, some of the 'church' folk that I knew tried to BLOCK me from being able to Stand around the bed. This angered me and I tried to fight my way into position but the 'church' folk were relentless in Blocking me. So I went up next to a Doctor and He MOVED over and Let Me In. (God Will Make Room For You. You don't have to fight folk for the Position That God Has Appointed For You. Just Draw Close to the Doctor/God and You Will Get In The MOVE of God).

As I stood around the bed I was enraged by what I saw. There lying on the bed before me and before this host of people, was a young lady who was in much pain. She was laying in a fetal position with a look of retardation upon her face. But it was none of those conditions that stirred me to such anger. What caused my extreme ire was the fact that she was Pregnant and about to Give Birth. By the Spirit...the Doctor standing beside me...I knew she had been In This Condition For Years. I was so angered because I wanted to know WHO HAS DONE THIS THING TO HER? WHO HAS VIOLATED HER AND LEFT HER IN THIS CONDITION? I knew she was RETARDED and had been for years! So whoever did this to her had to have done it to her WHILE SHE WAS IN A VULNERABLE STATE OF BEING! WHOEVER HAD DONE THIS TO HER DID IT WHILE SHE WAS IN A RETARDED STATE OF MIND. THEREFORE WHEN SHE WAS VIOLATED AND IMPREGNATED, SHE WAS DEFENSELESS. SHE WAS NOT A WILLING PARTICIPANT BUT HAD BEEN RAPED! WHO DID THIS TO HER???

Then I was lead to look up on the wall. There hanging above her bed was a picture of her in her Early Stages of Life. As I gazed at the picture, it began to tell her story. There she was happy, carefree and dancing in a beautiful field of fragrant flowers. She was Lovely to Look upon. Her smile was radiant. She was Lively and Full of Life! Her Father cast His gaze toward her and He smiled because of her joy and her beauty. There she danced before her Father and He danced with her. It was full of joy and an unexplainable Peace filled the air all around them. It was then that I knew that she was "The Church"! She wanted to stay in the frame and joy and Presence of that picture but she couldn't because now the picture that lay before me was in a fetal-like condition...beaten, raped, retarded and Ready to Bring Forth.

Who has done this terrible thing to The Church? How could they have left her in this horrible condition? As I looked at her belly it began to glow with an unnatural light. The light radiating from her belly made me happy and sad at the same time. I could tell that her pregnancy was complicated and now her delivery would be also. Then I wanted  to know why the people were only standing around and looking at her but not helping her to Bring Forth? Why have they wasted time trying to block me from being a part of helping her instead of helping her themselves when they can see she is in such a critical state? I knew if she did not Give Birth then she would Die. And yet I wrestled with the question as to whether or not she should give birth because I knew that an Enemy Had Done This Thing!

An Enemy had violated, raped, beaten and impregnated her! However, the Enemy did not make her retarded. Her mental state was of her own doing because SHE CHOSE not to Let This Mind Be In Her Which Was Also In Christ Jesus! SHE CHOSE to do whatsoever she thought was right in her own eyes. SHE CHOSE to rebel against the Word of God. SHE CHOSE not to go to the Doctor/God when the Enemy was playing with her mind. SHE CHOSE not to want to know what the Doctor would tell her about herself. She didn't want to know that she was sick and in need of His medication, which is the Word of God, Prayer, Fasting, Conscration and Worship.  SHE CHOSE not to want to know what the Doctor would prescribe for her healing. The Enemy did violate her, rape her, beat her and impregnated her with his 'seed'. But he DID NOT MAKE HER RETARDED! She did that to herself by her own free will and choices.

So I was torn and in the Valley of Decisions...not sure what I should feel or do concerning Her and this situation. Should I help to Bring Forth this Baby? And if so, won't I be helping to Bring Forth the works and plan of the devil? Because this baby is his seed! Or should I let her and the baby that is within her loins die so as not to be a part of the outcome of her Bringing Forth?

March 16, 2016

Then the Doctor began to speak in my inner ear. He told me, "I brought you here to help The Church to Birh Her BABIES! For the children have come to birth but there is no Strength to bring them forth. Pray For the Strength to Bring Them Forth!"

Then I spoke to the Doctor and shared my concern of this being 'the seed of satan' within her loins which was produced from the offense of rape. The Doctor said to me, "I Am the God who gives Life. Though indeed the Church has been impregnated, as it were, by the seed of the rapist, I Am the God who determines the Nature of the seed that forms within the loins of My Church. I Am the God who allowed the seed of both Cain and Abel to be within the womb of their mother Eve. One was evil, the other was good. One I hated, the other I love. One gave Me what I required, the other gave Me what he thought I should be satisfied with. One lived to please Me. The other lived to satisfy himself. I brought you here to help bring forth My seed. For I Am the God who decides the seed that lies within the womb of My Church. Don't you worry about the good or bad seed. The wheat and the tare must grow together. At the appointed time, I shall harvest the field and do the separating. Your part is to help My Church bring forth. I tell you, Tracie, behold, I shall do a  New Thing before your very eyes! For this seed within her womb is the Church within the Church. The seed within her womb is not like what has gone before her. This Church has been Hidden Within the Church and NOW is the  Set Time For Her To Come Forth! This Church Is the Church that shall Live and the gates of hell shall not prevail against Her! This Church shall obey My Word. This Church shall Live for Me day in and day out. This Church shall give Me what I want and how I want it. Help Bring Forth THIS CHURCH!"

Then I said to the Doctor, "How shall I help to Bring Forth Your Church?" He said, "Lay your hands upon the belly of My Church and PRAY!" End of dream.

This is a right now word to the Body of Christ. The Church is in a crisis situation. Those who hear His voice and obey His Word are charged to pray like never before to bring forth the Church Within the Church that has been hidden until such a time as this. Pray, Church, PRAY!!!
















God's Trumpet - Part 1 - April 7, 2016

God is sounding His Trumpet within the church and land and the enemy is also sounding his Trump. Many would rather hear the Trump of the enemy.

Jeremiah 5:30-31 AMP An appalling and horrible thing [bringing desolation and destruction] has come to pass in the land:

The prophets prophesy falsley, and the priests exercise rule at their own hands and by means of the prophets. And My people love to have it so! But what will you do when the end comes?

We shall have what we desire!

Ungodly candidates parading, prating and prancing more for "show" than "know". Seldom, during these televised debates and campaign speeches, is any knowledge of social issues expressed. The Trump or Voice of the enemy is drawing multitudes by spewing glaring deceptions, inciting violence, hurling insults and slinging profanity. The campaign trail is littered with violence and rage. Never in the history of this country has an Office being sought been so disrespected during the campaigning process. And the people love to have it so! We shall have what we desire!

Because the Desire of this hour is an insatiable Appetite for Entertainment, the spirit of the ENTERTAINER has indeed come forth! Many who attend these political gatherings do so because they find the Trump or Voice of the enemy so FUNNY and ENTERTAINING. Is this what the Office of the Commander In Chief has been reduced to?

People are choosing lies and deception and by so doing are choosing to silence the Trumpet of God that is crying aloud and sparing not! This is a sign before our very eyes that spirits of deception and entertainment have been released to lull people into dullness of mind and hardness of heart. The Trump or Voice of the enemy has been sent to bring forth damnable delicacies from the table of devils to all who so desire to eat of it.


I am one of many who is Crying Aloud and Sparing Not among those who have an ear and a heart to hear. Some have laughed and said that I am too serious but they fail to see the Destruction that has come with this Entertaining Spirit. They choose to drink from the broken cistern of this ungodly spirit and reject The Water of Life. They are dull of hearing, dull of learning and lack the Holy Spirit's discernment.

Many who occupy the church house have no relevance to what is required to live Holy, rebuke the enemy and to please God. Instead they live a life of compromise and church leaders decide it is better to accommodate this rebellious, carnal, unaccountable  group of renegades by giving them "Church Your Way" instead of Holiness God's Way.

Many who are laughing now will be crying later.