"These Hands"

Hands that help and hands that heal

Hands that serve and do God's will.

Hands that comfort, hands that soothe

Hands that brighten a somber mood.

Hands that show love with peace

Hands that add and increase.

They add joy and increase hope

They nurture warmth and help us cope.

Hands that support and hands that guide

Hands that lift are open wide.

One is left and one is right

working together to bring delight.

These are hands that are gentle and strong.

These are hands working all day long.

At the close of the day hands folded so deep

poised in prayer before we sleep.

Thank you for hands that mend and share.

Thank you for a precious pair.


"God's Call"


Our Lord is great and mighty

we lift your name up high

Our one and only Savior

Who came and bled and died

to save a sin-sick people

destined for the grave

Because of You we live

because of all You gave.

You poured on us your love

your mercy and your grace

You healed us with your blood

You blessed us with your face.

Your presence in our lives

has made us fresh and new.

No one else could save us

Our deliverance came from You.

Thank You for your wisdom

your words that give us life

without You we were lost

sin had cut us like a knife.

You present the call to many

the responders are just a few

we will keep on praying

that soon the rest will answer You.


Our God Is More

He's more than health

He makes us whole

He's more than wealth

Much better than gold.


His love for us

Is beyond compare

He is loving compassion

He's the kindest care.


The more you search

the more you'll find

He's been there

the entire time.


If you need more~~

More peace, more love

Stop looking around

Start looking above.


Know that God

has what you need

Trust His ways

and just believe.


Don't settle for less

Walk through His open door

He has a great plan for you

Our God is more.




As time passes where does it go?

Someone tell me, I'd like to know.

Is it stored in a bottle to be recycled again

Or hiding somewhere in a decorative tin?

Is it a secret treasure waiting to be found

Or was it carelessly wasted and spilled on the ground?

It ticks and it tocks and moves on without thought

Once it was here and then it was not.

If you still have some, use it wisely today

Don't take it for granted or it will slip away.

It will leave you as quickly and as softly as it came

It may introduce itself or not tell you its name.

This is the moment you have to engage

Time and its purpose are on center stage.

Use it, respect it, don't waste a drop

Because today it is here and then it is not.

A Thought In Verse

"The Cost of Love"

The cost of love is sometimes paid in tears,

the length of love is measured through the years.

The weight of love is felt within the soul,

the heat or chill can leave you warm or cold.

What did it cost for me to care

and love you like I do?

For me the price was very great

to spend that time with you.

And even though I wouldn't change

a moment of our time

I wish that I was really yours

and you were really mine.

What did it cost to be with you...

what friends called just a fling?

It broke my heart and my life...

It cost me everything.